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Listen Here, You!

I've Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately (Circle Into Square)

The Prisoners of Candy Island
(Circle Into Square)

An Uncloudy Day (free or donation)

Nutate (Circle Into Square)

Nutate Remixes (free or donation)

Declinate (Circle Into Square; lyrics)

Our History is Your Kitsch
- all covers (free or donation)

The Wild Farewell (SVC Records; lyrics)

Blabber n Smoke (free or donation; lyrics)

the biggest book you'll never read (free or donation; lyrics)

Our Imaginary Albums debut
The Harvey Girls: The Harvey Girls (thanks Craig!)

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Singles, Leftovers, and Whatnots:

don't go stop (you'll find the lyrics there, too)

parking lot

Our version of Magnetic Fields' Book of Love

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