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BRAND NEW!!: I've Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately (out June 29th on Circle Into Square)

The Prisoners of Candy Island
(Circle Into Square)

An Uncloudy Day

Nutate (Circle Into Square)

Nutate Remixes

Declinate (SVC Records) All proceeds from Declinate go to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.

Our History is Your Kitsch

The Wild Farewell (SVC Records)

Blabber 'n' Smoke

The Biggest Book You'll Never Read

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Declinate re-released on Circle Into Square. Go grab it, it's free.

* (6/21/11)

Whoops, yet again we have forgotten to update this damn thing. Follow us on the facebooks . We promise we're working on new stuff. Here's a taste, it's a new song called "Between the Stars" recorded live in the basements. We have an intrusive 's' lately.

* (1/1/2011)

Thanks to everyone for making this such a great year. You can check out our soundcloud page for a few covers and a live recording on KBOO. Take care and talk to you later.


Since our new album came out, we've had a lot of great press on it. Here's a few:
CMJ Review
Willamette Week Review
Weekly Volcano Interview
Delusions of Adequacy Review
Venus Zine exclusive video premiere
Spectrum Culture Review
and one completely amazing remix of our tune "FWIW" by labelmate Big Spider's Back.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful stuff!

* (6/28/10)
Our new album comes out tomorrow, 6/29, on Circle Into Square. It's called I've Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately and we're really proud of it.

We've done a few more things to promote it, including creating a list of our favorite 10 horror music movie moments for Scene Stealers! That was great fun. There's also an initial review from!

Our CD release show is Friday, July 2, at Backspace in Portland, OR, with Big Spider's Back, cars & trains, and The Camping Party.

And don't forget about our free EP The Prisoners of Candy Island. Here's a great review from The Power of Pop.

Now we sit back and wait and play shows.

Melissa and Hiram

* ( 5/20/10)
The first single from our new album I've Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately is making the blog rounds. It's called "Smile Like Gwynplaine" and there's mentions from stereo subversion, Boom Boom Chik, and CMJ!

* (5/13/10)
New, FREE EP The Prisoners of Candy Island is available at Circle Into Square. Lots of shows coming up and a new full-length, I've Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately, will hit stores June 29th!

* (3/6/10)
Damn, we need to update this more often. Sorry. We've got a new album coming out in June on Circle Into Square/Fake Four. You can keep up with us (for reals) at facebook or our blog, $10 guitar. In fact, we've been writing about the new album on our blog quite a bit lately, so go on and check it out.

Also, holy hell, we've been at this for 7 years. I guess it's time for a behind the music or something.