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1. Good Morning, Bubblegum
2. The Monk and the Bug
3. Green Light (in your heavy metal mind)
4. All Your Water's Turned to Rope
5. Good Night, Moon
6. Quiet, Lion
7. The Mother's Heartbeat Dream
8. For Sheila Behman

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Recorded at Open Arms Studio, Lawrence, KS, October 2003 through October 2004. Melissa and Hiram sang and played stuff. Jon Tveite played trombone on "For Sheila Behman." Billy Lamboley provided the poem about subways and day jobs at the beginning of "All Your Water..." and the dubbed out sugar at the end of "Good Morning, Bubblegum." The Big Delicious provided solo cat voice on "Quiet, Lion." Randy Regier provided covers. All songs by the harvey girls and are based in some respect on "Blabber 'n' Smoke" by Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.

The song "for sheila behman" is for Sheila Behman

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