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Some people we know

Randy Regier, artist

Randy Paske, rocker

Josh Millard's vast empire

our cousin, Austin Meredith, and Tremblexy

Mr. Ralston's excellent artwork

we love you, superargo

we're wild for ne:o

some web comics and some places for readers

a poignant narrative of our times

this has been a blessed day

old favorites (some really old)

the baffler

some politics and ways to be active

association of community organizations for reform now

intervention magazine

people for the american way

Emily's list

some things we like

no locks on the storybox

what we need more of is science

socks are great

namesakes and Will Rogers

how many have you seen? (mysterious toynbee messages)

some music (writing and sounds)

oh captain, our captain


perfect sound forever

illegal art

imaginary albums

church of girl

some music blogs

spoilt victorian child

little hits

fat planet

largehearted boy

the suburbs are killing us

an idiot's guide to dreaming


basic hip digital oddio

bonfire: pete radio

bonfire: cold citrus radio

an aquarium drunkard

contrast podcast

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