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1. you're a real jackass
2. blue and green lawnmower
3. someone who looked a lot like them
4. don't answer me
5. rose of sharon

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Recorded at Open Arms Studio, Lawrence, KS, September/October 2003. Melissa and Hiram sang and played stuff under the pseudonyms of Missy Morrisey and DJ Digdug. All songs by the harvey girls except number 4, which is by The Alan Parsons Project, although it is not originally sung by Colin Blunstone.

Mr. Fat Planet wrote this about the ep: ... I use the phrase "off-kilter" here a great deal, and it's appropriate here again. And by that I tend to mean "familiar sound, nudged to the left accidentally, whereby something sounds terribly wrong and terribly right at the same time. Much like being at your parents' Sunday dinner wearing your girlfriend's knickers."

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